About Us

Spherebox UG, the company behind Sid, was founded 2015 in Berlin. The core team members are Toine Diepstraten, Nils Krüger, Henri Hagenow and Klaus Voltmer. Our goal is to create an easy-to-use and efficient communication tool without compromising on data security.

Nils Krüger

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Business Development

With 15 years experience in leading software development and IT projects, Nils is developing and managing the business opportunities for spherebox.

Toine Diepstraten

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Technical Lead

Keen on developing software for things that have a processor, some memory and I/O, from washing machines to server clusters, Toine also knows how to successfully rise a startup as he co-founded the Venture Capital financed learning platform Babbel (Lesson Nine GmbH).

Henri Hagenow

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Lead iOS Development / UX Design / Web Development

After studying communication science and graduating in physics, Henri worked for eleven years as a freelance developer and advisor for web and general software with focus on interaction design.

Klaus Voltmer

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Lead OSX Development

Having started his career as financial controller based in Vienna, Klaus professional experience now spans over 16 years of which he spent 6 years as Vice President of software development in Los Angles.